Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Welcome 2016 (a few weeks late)

Welcome to 2016, World!  I'm so glad that 2015 is behind me.  While there were great moments, I feel like last year will forever have a nasty scar over it's otherwise beautiful, wonderful memories.  My 2015 could be summarized like this:

Pregnant, Chicago, stuck, Ranza, ICU, good-bye or not, Beth, miracle, best friend's wedding, hospice, Dad, Baby G, preschool, maternity leave, bible study, grief/grief group, joy in pain, running, 5Ks, difficult holidays.

Yikes, not good.  But it's honest. It might change, but as of right now, that's what sticks out in my brain.

Anyway, now that 2016 has arrived, I am trying to move forward, get out of my funk, and become a productive member of society again, starting with my life/household.  I don't usually make resolutions at the New Year, but I do set some goals...which are the same thing, I KNOW!

It's hard to make my 2016 goals short and sweet, but I will try to explain, primarily to put it out there so that I can't just forget them and ignore them (in theory).

I desire to develop productive habits that will lead to a more organized, decluttered, and anxiety free life.  When my life is disorganized and filled with crap (whether physical or in my mind), my anxiety sky rockets and instead of action, my reaction is to become complacent.  I get so overwhelmed that I just stop and freeze and say "Oh my gosh! There's so much, I just can't deal! I can't do anything about this! There's too much!"  I want to avoid getting to this point, in every aspect of my life - kids, household chores, decision making, organization, budget, etc. 

I'm hoping with productive habits, I will stop wasting the time that I say that I don't have, but actually have so much of.  I'm hoping that I will learn to value rest because I won't be sitting around as much doing nothing. I want to cherish the time I have with my family, friends, and by myself, and learn how to use it to the fullest.

We'll see.

I also want to improve my posture.

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