Friday, September 19, 2014

A one year later....

...isn't that the theme of my blogs...not that you, the reader would know this since I change blogs all of the time.  But, yes, it is.  I get on a kick, redo the blog or start a new one all together, and bam! life happens and I stop blogging for about a year before getting bored/motivated to start up blogging again.  My thoughts when I get the urge to blog again always start with, "WHY? No one reads it (because you don't post your new posts) or cares.  Writing is not your strength. Who cares about what you're thinking."

While this is all true, it's something for me to do to get my thoughts out.  So, I will continue to stop and go and type out the random thoughts in my head.  Maybe one day it'll catch...probably not.

What has changed in the year since I last posted.
  • I'm washing my hair again.  Yeah, I did the "no poo" thing for about a year and decided that I like the feel of clean, chemical laden, hair, and promptly took advantage of the Beauty Brands liter sale.
  • Big S was offered a job as a firefighter on Little S's birthday.  I missed flirting with him at work.
  • Big S changed fire departments as of this week.  Yeah, big news! And it's with a bigger and more organized department.  We're excited for the change even though it is farther from home.
  • We went on vacation to Florida with friends in July and had a ton of fun with lots of friends and family time.
  • I no longer work nights or with my heart kiddos.  *sob**sob*  My body decided to start rejecting working nights, so I've moved to an urgent care that is affiliated with my hospital that is closer to home whose hours are noon-2200 (that's 10pm for those who don't do military time).  I miss my friends dearly, but am thankful for the change and the more normal(ish) schedule.
  • I am working out more normally and feel better about my body.  If you need quick workouts that are challenging, Melissa Bender is your woman. Seriously, do her workouts...they are AWESOME (and by awesome, I mean, hard and challenging).
  • Little S is in a "Little Kickers" martial arts class this year.  We decided not to put him in preschool yet so this is our plan to get him to be with other kids in an organized manner.  It's not very organized because it's six little boys 3-5 (or almost three in Little S's case) running around like mad men.  God bless my friend for teaching them.
  • My bestie in Phildelphia is ENGAGED!!! Can't wait for her Spring/Early Summer wedding!
I'm sure there are other changes, but it's late and it's been a long time.  Now that we're somewhat caught up, I'm going to go to bed and hope that I can start blogging on my deep thoughts that are somewhere in my mind. 

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