Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Oh wow, I sure do hate rollercoasters.  All kinds.

Yes, that is not an exaggeration.  I don't know why I choose to go to Worlds of Fun every year.  It's such a waste of money. I go on one rollercoaster and not only get scared out of my mind but also feel nauseous for the rest of the night.  Yeah.  I'm not a fan of rollercoasters.

I also hate emotional rollercoasters.  Ooooh, wow...they are THE WORST!!!  So stressful, so exhausting, so emotional, so unpredictable. 

I have been on a doozey of an emotional rollercoaster for about 2 1/2 weeks again.  I've gone from being told that my dad may never make it out of the ICU alive, to walking into his room seeing him sitting up in a chair.  We went from him telling me on the phone that, "Heaven awaits," as I rushed home to say goodbye, to filling out tournament brackets for the NCAA tournament (which I am going to lose terribly).  I had conversations with both parents regarding resuscitation and what he'd want or not want the staff to perform while in the hospital.  I went from telling him "thank you for everything" as he was taken into a high risk procedure thinking I may never see him alive again to grinning from ear to ear as we told him that his procedure was more successful than expected.  I am home and trying to regain normalcy to my life because he is more stable now and has been moved out of the ICU...ALIVE. 

I know that there is SO much ahead of him that will be difficult both physically and mentally for him.  I know that this will not be an easy journey.  But I also know that God has performed a miracle for all of us to see.  He heard our prayers, that were not necessarily for healing but for peace, wisdom, guidance, and comfort. 

So often we forget to praise God in the good times, when what we wanted (or didn't dare to want) has been given to us.  Do you know who remembered?  My dad.  He prayed a prayer of Thanksgiving the day after his "high risk" procedure.  Wow...just wow.

Please continue to pray for strength and determination for him as he journeys down this road to full recovery, whatever that might be.  Thank you for your support, kind words, and fervent prayers.  They have been heard and treasured by all of us.

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