Sunday, July 14, 2013

Things I've Learned Today

It's amazing how I can have so much to say one day that I don't say everything on my mind and then the next five days I have nothing.

This is one of those days that there is so much on my mind that I have to pick and choose.  So to keep it simple, here is a list of some things I've learned today.

1) I will never envy the person who has to sit and shell edamame for the frozen edamame bags.  I'm sure there is a machine, but I have pity for the person who has to do it if there is one.

Yup that whole small bowl of beans is what that package produces. Much easier to shell with your mouth while eating than with a knife.

2) To get Little S to eat his veggies and chicken, just make fried rice!  He's so asian.  I mean seriously.  Won't touch the stuff until it's mixed with rice and soy sauce (yeah, it's delicious to anyone, for sure).  But yeah, total asian.

3) Big S is so excited for the XboxOne to come out at the end of this year.  It's going to be voice controlled, even more than what our Xbox360 is now with the Kinect.  What's crazy to me is that Little S will grow up talking to his TV.  I mean, he already is.  He has started to say, "Xbox," when he wants to watch another episode of whatever TV show he was watching when we say it's time to do something else.  Yikes!

4) I am SO impatient when it comes to computers!  I'm trying to do 3 things at once, uploading pictures in all three areas.  I need to slow it down.  (I already knew this one, just using it as more of a reminder to myself.)

5) Little boys are so silly.  Yeah, I didn't just learn this today, but I just wanted to put up some pictures of my silly boy.

This little boy LOVES nutella and always makes a mess

Showing off his life jacket from his Grammy.  The fake smiles have already started
Already giving me the, "just stop with the pictures" face

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