Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Visiting LaCygne

I want to start off by saying, how do these Mommy Bloggers have time to blog?  I mean seriously?!  Wait, I just realized that I'm trying to blog two days IN A ROW!  Well, the only reason is because today was exciting and tomorrow will be too so I don't want one big post one day.  Maybe not having a purpose to this blog is complicating my life because I feel like I have to give you every detail.  If I had a theme, like baking, I could just focus on that.  Whatevs...

Anyway, Little S and I took a trip to a wonderful place called LaCygne, that happens to be located in LaCygne, Kansas.  This place was where Big S worked for 4 years before pursuing the EMT/Firefighter route.  It's a wonderful place that used to be mainly a summer camp for high schoolers, but is now something more spiritual and community based.  If you want more information, visit here.

It was so refreshing to return to camp.  Little S's (correct?) godparents were camping out at LaCygne this week so that was what sparked the interest to go back.  I loved seeing so many familiar faces and receiving so many hugs from those wonderful people.  Last summer, Little S was just starting to crawl so it was so weird to see him running around the grounds this year.

He enjoyed running around the grounds until he faceplanted on the sidewalk, making a sound like his head was cracking.  From there it was a downhill spiral.  Every fall meant more tears and more tears also signaled more exhaustion since he didn't really nap this afternoon.

When he wasn't falling, however, he loved watching the blobbers blob and "played" disc golf with his godparents.

Which brings me to the main topic. 

I don't know how single parents do it.  Much respect to you, single parents, because I fail miserably every day that I'm with Little S alone (which is three days/nights) of the week.  I'm so overwhelmed and tired because he is everywhere, wanting to be independent and not understanding rules, but wanting me near.

I am so thankful for Little S's godparents.  They are true examples to me of what community means and does.  They helped so much with him today from changing his diaper and getting him up from his nap when I was at the pool to carrying him and even disciplining him.  We are so grateful and so blessed to have these two people in our lives.

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